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Site`s Overview

Not all students have the necessary talent to produce well-researched content. High grades can be obtained only for well-written papers that follow the professor’s instructions to the tiniest details. For students, this is not an easy job. Some of them fail because they don’t like writing on certain topics. Others don’t have the necessary time for research as they have a part-time job or do extracurricular activities. Therefore, they need professional help. The easiest way to obtain it is by hiring an experienced writer who is able to do the necessary research and write the paper without errors.

RewardedEssays is one of the most popular and well-ranked writing companies that target students. The company works with experienced writers who have English native skills. Therefore, the company manages to keep customers satisfied and deliver well-researched content.

Our RewardedEssays review started by analyzing the vendor’s website. On, we found a complete list of writing services. We discovered that the company manages to satisfy clients who need content on different academic levels. For example, RewardedEssays writers can write simple essays for high school but also deliver a dissertation paper or lab report.

We found out that the owner is a Cypriot company named R.P. WritingSmart Technologies LTD. Even though we didn’t find too much information about the founder, we could read many positive testimonials from past customers. Apart from checking, we also read blog posts and asked clients about their opinions on social media. After all these discussions and extracting relevant information, our conclusion is that RewardedEssays is a reliable company.

Pricing System

We found that RewardedEssays offers affordable prices. As the company’s interest is to keep customers satisfied, it offers competitive fees. Even though the prices are not high, the delivered quality is flawless. Therefore, RewardedEssays manages to keep a good balance between prices and quality.

One of the most important characteristics that we identified on was that there are no hidden costs. Clients can easily find a price calculator on the homepage. It helps customers find immediately how much they will have to pay for their order. We also did a test and reached the same conclusion. We paid exactly the price returned by the price calculator. Our test included ordering an essay for high school level. We ordered one page and received it after 2 weeks. We received a price of $12.99. In comparison to the market’s prices, this is a fair quotation.

However, as this was our first order, we didn’t pay this price in the end. How was this possible? Any new client who wants to place an order on will automatically receive a 15% discount. We also checked what other companies are doing in this aspect. We conclude that RewardedEssays has the most generous offer for first-time clients.

Lifetime discounts are also available, depending on the total number of pages ordered by a client. The discount’s percentage grows proportionally with the total pages paid by the customer on Thus, the discount stages are the following:

  • 5% discount for total orders of 15+ pages
  • 10% reduction for total orders of 50+ pages
  • 15% discount for total orders of 100+ pages.

We also liked the free perks offered by RewardedEssays. Any client who submits an order on receives the following services without any extra fees: limitless amendments, plagiarism report, bibliography, outline, formatting, and title page.

Types of Services

Clients can order different services on The company’s writers can perform essay writing, paper writing, dissertation, and many other services. They can also meet any academic level. Therefore, customers can order content for high school, college, master’s, and Ph.D. As for the topics, RewardedEssays works with experienced writers who can meet any requirements. Dissertation writing is also very popular. Many students need Ph.D. thesis writing as they want to be sure that they will get a good grade or they don’t have the necessary time for it.

The other services category includes different services that attract new clients, as well. Potential clients will find details on how to order lab reports, presentations, speeches, term papers, or case studies. Editing and proofreading are also services included in this category.

As we are talking about the list of services, we also consider it is important to talk about RewardedEssays’ writers’ quality. The company has a strict selection process. A professional will be accepted to write for RewardedEssays only if he/she graduated from a UK or US university. He/she needs to have native English language skills. The background is also important. The writers have experience on different topics, which helps them to deliver well-researched content.

Payment Options

We checked the payment options available on We found different alternatives. All of them are 100% secure and don’t put the client’s bank accounts at risk. The first payment option that got our attention is PayPal. Students, in particular, like this payment method because they can finalize the payment easily and in a secure way. WireTransfer is quite similar to PayPal, and it is also available on the RewardedEssays website. If these options are not appropriate, the client can finalize the payment using his/her card. Therefore, the company accepts AMEX, VISA, MasterCard, and Discover cards.


Another positive aspect that we identified when we evaluated RewardedEssays was that it offers clear guidelines to protect writers and customers. Therefore, we identified money-back guarantee and revision policies that include comprehensive rules that both the writers and clients need to follow in certain circumstances.

Money-Back Guarantee

Clients can ask for refunds in case they decide to cancel an order. However, the amount that they can receive back depends on the moment when the cancellation was made. In the RewardedEssays refund policy, we identified the following scenarios:

  • 100% refund for the situations when a writer was not assigned to do the order.
  • 70% refund is possible when a writer has been assigned to the order, but he/she didn’t start to work on it.
  • 50% refund will be allowed when the order is revoked in the middle of the deadline period.

Late delivery is also a situation that can trigger refund requests. RewardedEssays guarantees zero delays. Still, exception situations can appear. For orders that have a deadline of more than 14 days, the client can receive a 7% refund. On the other hand, an order can delay but not from the writer’s fault. Thus, RewardedEssays customer support staff will refuse the refund request in the following situations:

  • The writer had technical difficulties and couldn’t connect to his/her computer or the browser
  • The customer didn’t reply in due time to the writer’s request for additional information
  • The client voluntarily decided to extend the writer’s deadline.

Free Revision

From the moment the writer sends the paper to the client, the latter will have two weeks to check the content. RewardedEssays consider this period is enough for the client to carefully check whether the instructions were followed accurately and the paper’s quality. In case something is not right, the client is entitled to ask for revisions during this period. As long as the new instructions are not different from the instructions communicated when the client placed the order, no fees will be charged for this service.

Is Site Legit?

We consider that is a reliable website. Clients should trust it because it has a professional structure, and it is easy to follow. Also, it includes secure payment methods. Customers can immediately finalize payments and order the services they need with some simple clicks. Finally, we found different policies and guidelines that protect the client in different situations.


RewardedEssays does an excellent job in the following areas:

  • A detailed list of services
  • Competitive prices
  • Professional website
  • Money-back guarantee and revision policy
  • ENL writers


We consider that RewardedEssays should put more work on the following aspects:

  • Offer more information about the owner’s expertise in providing writing services
  • Offer additional discounts to clients

To Sum Up

After checking different sources of information, we consider that RewardedEssays has the right attributes to remain competitive in the professional writing service market. The company has affordable prices and has a fair balance between quality delivered and fees. Also, on, we found a detailed list of services. This means that the company focuses on developing its portfolio of clients and keeping them satisfied. Finally, RewardedEssays works with ENL writers that keep the quality standards very high. Both writers and clients are protected by solid policies and rules. Thus, both parties will feel that the company is taking care of them. All these characteristics encourage us to recommend RewardedEssays as a top writing company.