PaperFellows Review: Should You Order from Them and How?

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When we first visited the site, we didn’t know what to expect. After all, there are so many online-writing providers who offer similar services.

We wanted to focus our attention on safety in terms of privacy and reliability on one side and the overall quality of the service on the other.

If you’re looking to hire somebody to write your paper, you want to make sure they are legit and that the final product will be of high quality. If you’re a student, you want to get the best grade, or if you’re an online professional, you want to create the best content for your readers.

With all this in mind, we started our research, and you’ll find our conclusions below.       

Pricing System

When it comes to the pricing system, we want to emphasize that you have to consider two important factors: their prices, which are displayed on their site and discounts.

PaperFellows pricing system starts at $12.99 for a standard type of work required. If you’re using your first-time customer discount, the total cost will be $10.39. If you select some extra options, such as choosing the best writer to do your paper, the total cost will be significantly higher.

PaperFellows base their pricing on the standard factors as most other players within the industry:

  1. The total number of pages
  2. Academics level of your work
  3. The deadline

When it comes to deadline, their longest interval is 14 days, while the shortest option is just 6 hours. If you need something to be done extremely quickly, they got your back.

The academics level represents the total amount of skill needed to write your paper. If you need your multiple-choice question exam to be done by a PaperFellows expert, your total cost will be higher compared to copywriting services.

The total number of pages is self-explanatory, but it’s important to know how one page consists of 275 words, which should make your calculation process a bit easier.

Discounts represent an important way to reduce your total cost. First-time and lifetime discounts are usually the only two discounts available with most competitors. PaperFellows has additional discounts which they send to their email base all throughout the year.

The first-time discount is 20%, and the code is available right under the discounts section of the site.

Lifetime discounts are 5%, 10%, and 15%. In order to qualify for those, you have to order 15, 50, or 100 pages, respectively. We have to emphasize the highly ethical move by the PaperFellows team when they decided to base those discounts on the total number of pages instead of the total amount of money spent.

Types of Services

When it comes to services portfolio, it’s important to have a wide range of services to offer and also to clarify each service on your site, so it’s easy for customers to choose the right type. PaperFellows did a good job in this department, and their site has proper explanations and clean design. We will explain those services in a sentence or two below.

Rewriting is a great tool if you’re not sure about the quality of your work, and you need it to be rewritten by a professional, or if you just want them to do it from scratch.

Proofreading and Editing is a great way to enhance the quality of your work by having an expert to look at it and take necessary readjustments.

Copywriting – if you need a blog post, article, website, or even the whole book to be written, then this is a service for you.

Multiple Choice Questions is mostly used by students. If you’ve ever been one, you know the pressure and the struggle. You have so little time and so many exams waiting for you. If you need to share the load with someone, the best way to do that is by hiring a PaperFellows professional.

Academic Paper Writing is another service most often used by students who’re struggling to meet different deadlines and who want to score the best grades on each.

Maths, Physics, Economics, and Statistics Problems are tough subjects to stumble upon, especially if that’s your first time doing it. The toughest part of these assignments is usually the research. Having someone from the PaperFellows team, who has done similar types of work many times, is a great way to reassure yourself that there won’t be any mistakes and to score the highest grade.

Dissertation Services represent another form of paper that’s highly focused on research. You have to know where to find the right sources and to find them quickly. That’s why it is important to hire a much more experiencedPaperFellows professional to be by your side.

Admission Services are used by future students who want to make the best first-time impression and for their application to be accepted.

Resume/CV writing is not only available and used by unemployed people to create higher-quality resumes. It’s also being used by employed people who want to improve their profile pages on social networks.

Payment Methods

PayPal, different credit cards, and wire transfer represent the most common payment options used in the online-writing industry. PaperFellows has all of these options to offer, and when it comes to credit cards, they support Visa, Discover, AmEx, and MasterCard.

We did some research on student preferences, and the most often used option on is PayPal due to its simplicity, safety, and privacy protection.


We always advise our readers to start out slowly and proceed from there when it comes to testing any type of service. Start with a lower-volume order and then increase it later on once you establish a more trustful relationship with your provider.

It’s crucial to feel safe when using any services online, and that’s why money-back guarantees represent such an important part of the process.

PaperFellows guarantees are split into 3 different categories based on cancelation time, quality, and delivery date. Depending on the rules, you’re eligible for a different amount of refund, so it’s important to read them all in detail.

  • Quality – if you’re not satisfied with the quality of your paper, you only need to file a claim, and it will be investigated by the PaperFellows team. If you win the case, you might receive up to a 70% refund.
  • Delivery – if your work was not delivered on time, you have to check many rules that apply. For long-term orders, the total refund amounts to 7%.
  • Cancelation – depending on the time of cancelation, you’re eligible for a different amount of refund, in a range from 50% to 100%. If you do it right away before the PaperFellows writer is assigned, you get a 100% refund. After the writer was assigned and you decide to cancel, you’re eligible for a 70% refund. In the worst-case for you as a customer, if you cancel once the writer was assigned and more than half the deadline was passed, you could receive up to a 50% refund.

Is Site Legit?

When it comes to safety, quality, and reliability, the site is definitely legit and safe to use for anyone. They support standard payment options, and by using their online calculator, you’ll find out the total cost in no time. PaperFellows has a standard package of money-back guarantee options, which gives you a more relaxed user experience.


  • Highly organized content on their site which makes it easy for users to find out every bit of information
  • Most online payment methods are supported
  • Great reviews on popular and legitimate review sites such as Trustpilot


  • PaperFellows don’t have a profile on the most popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter

To Sum Up

PaperFellows represent a strong online-writing provider and a brand based on high-quality work performed by their team of experts with great reviews to back them up.

Our research and testing for this PaperFellows review were focused on the cost-benefit analysis, where we analyzed the quality of their free samples, and we made few orders ourselves. On top of that, we investigated their reviews available on every legitimate review platform. Later we compared our conclusions with the price of each work, and we have to applaud the PaperFellows team for their quality and speed of delivery.

If you’re looking for quality work, you have to check out the PapersFellow site first!