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When students decide to pay professional writers to do their work it means that they have a serious reason. Some students consider that they should invest their energy and time on delivering the essays for the classes they are most interested in. Others consider that they should use the college period to start working. Therefore, they start gaining practical experience and can apply to work the concepts they learn at school. In such situations, their time is limited. So, it becomes difficult to deliver the essays and finish the assignments as requested by the professors.

Given these circumstances, the market for writing services evolved rapidly. GradeOnFire is one of these companies that manage to keep customers satisfied with affordable and high-quality services. In this GradeOnFire review, we will tell you how this company works and what type of services it delivers.

Our research started at Apart from the company’s name, we couldn’t find any other details about the founder. The vendor could have more credibility on the market if it showed more about the owner’s experience in providing writing services.

While was full of useful information, we continued to search for more testimonials and opinions from past customers. Social media and community forums helped us discover what the clients are saying about GradeOnFire services. The overall opinion was good which proves that the vendor offers constant quality. We also sent an order to check whether the testimonials and samples presented on the website were true. The final result was according to our expectations.

Pricing System

Clients can easily find how much a paper will cost on The company developed an ingenious price calculator that returns the final quotation. The final fee is calculated based on the following factors:

  • Type of service
  • Type of paper
  • Difficulty level
  • Number of words
  • Deadline

Our experience showed that the cheapest type of content that a student usually orders is the high-school essay. Knowing that the market’s average goes somewhere between $11 to $14, we wanted to see how much we will have to pay on GradeOnFire. We decided to order a high school essay of 1 page and with a deadline of 14 days. After we entered all the details, we pressed on the calculation button and waited to see what amount the calculator returns. We received a fee of $12.99 which we consider is very affordable.

We also discovered that the final price delivered by the calculator can be lower thanks to discounts. For instance, as we ordered a piece of content for the first time on, we received a “welcome” reduction. Its value is 15% of the total price. The customer department staff were very helpful showing us how to introduce the price reduction code.

Also, all clients who submit orders on GradeOnFire will receive some services for free. Therefore, instead of paying $71 for unlimited amendments, plagiarism report, bibliography, title page, formatting, and outline, they will get them with zero costs.

Permanent discounts based on volume are also available. GradeOnFire has different price reduction levels based on the total number of pages ordered by a client. The discounts rates are the following:

  • 5% for 15+ pages ordered in total
  • 10% for 50+ pages ordered in total
  • 15% for 100+ pages ordered in total

Types of Services

The list of services delivered by GradeOnFire is very vast. The company’s main target audience is formed by students. Therefore, it offers writing services that meet the most exigent requirements. Students can order the services below from GradeOnFire writers:

  • Essay writing
  • Homework help
  • Math or science assignments
  • Thesis paper
  • Research papers
  • Editing and proofreading

Young professionals are not forgotten. As they focus on building a solid career, they need a convincing resume and application letter to get the job of their dreams. GradeOnFire professional writers have the necessary experience in HR and know how to build a CV and convince even the more exigent recruiters that the candidate deserves their trust.

Finally, copywriting services target business owners and entrepreneurs. They can improve their website’s visibility and attract more clients with the help of professional writers. All they have to do is explain their business objective in the order and the writers will take care of delivering content that helps them meet their targets.

Payment Options

GradeOnFire does a good job of offering safe payment methods. The website has an SSL encryption system incorporated which secures all payments. Also, it accepts only those methods that don’t come with any risks. Therefore, the only method through which payment can be done on is by using a debit or credit card. The vendor accepts the following types of cards:

  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Discover


GradeOnFire understands that a reliable writing company needs to have clear rules in place. The clients need to have a clear idea of what they can request and if they can receive their money back if the order’s requirements were not followed. On the other hand, these guidelines make the writers understand that they need to deliver professional work and consistent quality.

Money-back guarantee

Even though this is an unlikely situation, GradeOnFire customers can ask for refunds in case they decide to cancel their orders. The money-back guarantee policy sets the ground for such cases. In general, the main factors that determine the final refunded amount are the following:

  • The amount of work which was already done by the writer
  • The agreed deadline period
  • In which phase the client decides to cancel an order

Starting from these factors, GradeOnFire customer department staff can decide to return different amounts depending on the moment when the client decides to cancel the order:

  • 100% money back if the client cancels the order before GradeOnFire assigns a writer to do it
  • 70% of the amount paid will be refunded if the customer revokes the order after the vendor already assigned a writer to do the paper
  • Half of the money will be returned when half of the deadline has already passed and the client still decides that he/she doesn’t want to receive the paper anymore
  • In case of late delivery, the customer department staff will evaluate whether the delay was caused by the writer and how much the company can refund. For long-term orders, the maximum refunded amount is 7%.

Revision policy

The revision policy is comprehensive and has easy-to-understand rules. The process is easy to follow. The writer sends the final order to the client who has 14 days to send feedback. In case he/she considers that the instructions were not followed or the paper had different errors, the customer can ask for free revisions using the feedback form. The essential condition to be eligible for free revisions is to keep the same instructions from the initial order. If the customer adds new requirements, Grade is entitled to ask for additional fees as this situation will be considered as a new order.

Should You Trust the Site?

In our opinion, is a reliable website. When we first entered the site, we found it very easy to use, and with a professional look. It is clear that GradeOnFire values its clients and wants them to understand from the beginning what to expect from the company and how to place an order. Given the user-friendly appearance, it is clear that the vendor invested a generous budget in building it and worked with an experienced team. Also, the presence of cookies policy, terms of use, and SSL encryption system that secures payments are additional signs that validate the site’s reliability.


We identified the following pros in GradeOnFire services:

  • Affordable prices
  • Complete and fair refund, revisions, and privacy policies
  • Different discount levels
  • Price calculator
  • Secure payment methods


GradeOnFire needs to work more on improving the following weak points:

  • The company should develop affiliate or referral discount programs
  • PayPal is not presented as an accepted payment method

To Sum Up

After evaluating different sources of information, we conclude that GradeOnFire is a reliable writing service provider. Our conclusion is supported by the extensive list of services that target students, young professionals, and business owners. Also, we think GradeOnFire respects its customers as it offers affordable prices and discounts. Customers shouldn’t worry about their accounts as all payments are done through secure payment methods. Finally, the company developed comprehensive policies and guidelines. Thus, both the writer and the client know that they have rights and also obligations. With all these elements, GradeOnFire manages to stay competitive on the market and win clients for the long term.