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Are you a student interested in getting the highest grades in your class? Or do you have a full-time job and you cannot finalize all essays that you receive in school? If you want to have a solid academic performance, then you need professional writing services. Even though they come at a cost, expert writers will help you

You can find the secrets of a professional writing company from this GrabMyEssay review. We will tell you how the vendor works, what type of services it delivers, and how much it charges for each of them. Also, we will show you how GrabMyEssay selects its writers and how they deliver high-quality content to clients. With all these elements, GrabMyEssay stays competitive on the market and satisfies its customers with affordable prices and discounts.

Our research started on We consider that the company’s website is the most accurate source of information that will help us form an objective opinion on the vendor. However, it is understandable that the provider adds the best samples and testimonials on its official site. Therefore, we checked what customers are saying outside the presentation site. We read different blogs and contacted past customers to see what they think about GrabMyEssay.

After analyzing the information gathered from each source of information, we can conclude that GrabMyEssay is a reliable company. It has budget-friendly prices and offers consistent quality. Finally, they have comprehensive policies that protect both the writer and the client.

Pricing System

The final price that a client has to pay can be calculated using the price calculator available on It determines the final fee based on some basic details:

  • Type of service
  • Difficulty level
  • Type of paper
  • Number of words
  • Deadline

Even though we read many opinions on GrabMyEssay prices, we wanted to simulate how much we would have to pay for our order. Therefore, after completing the details requested by the calculator, we got a price of $14.99 for one page. This price is available for an essay delivered for the high school level. Also, the deadline, in this case, is 14 days. The price can go up in case one of the elements mentioned above is modified and become higher. Therefore, we can conclude that $14.99 is the lowest possible price that a client can pay on For a student, this price might seem affordable. However, if the prices go up, then he/she won’t feel so comfortable paying the fee.

It seems that GrabMyEssay knows the market very well. Therefore, it puts efforts keeping the pace with the current price average with generous discounts. So, any new client that wants to order a paper on GrabMyEssay will receive a 15% discount. If you don’t know where to find the discount code for newcomers, you should contact the customer support department staff and they will tell you what you can do to get this price reduction.

GrabMyEssay encourages clients to come back to the website and submit more orders. If they gather a generous amount of pages ordered, they will get permanent price reductions. For example, a client who already submitted 15+ pages on will receive a permanent discount of 5%. The price reduction will reach 10% if the client has more than 50 pages ordered in total. The final stage goes up to 15% for 100+ pages.

Types of Services

GrabMyEssay manages to satisfy different categories of clients with a wide list of services. The academic writing type of service targets students. This is the biggest category of clients that GrabMyEssay manages to satisfy. They can order essays, lab reports, research papers, multiple-choice questions, or dissertation papers directly on

Can the writers deliver such services? GrabMyEssay has a strict selection process. Each writer has to have at least a bachelor’s degree and be an English native speaker. Also, the writer needs to demonstrate that he/she has a solid portfolio of papers on the topic he/she wants to write about. GrabMyEssay will also validate the experience by asking past collaborators about the respective candidate and get the final conclusion after the interview process.

Young professionals are also a part of the target audience for GrabMyEssay. Their needs usually navigate around CV and cover letter writing. They need a convincing presentation to convince international writers to hire them. A professional writer with a background in HR can deliver this type of content.

For business owners, GrabMyEssay works with writers who can prepare web content that follows the client’s voice and attracts new clients. Also, depending on the customer’s requests, the company can deliver press releases, news articles, or business presentations.

Payment Methods

GrabMyEssay succeeds in offering secure payment solutions. Many clients prefer PayPal for its accessibility and being easy to use. The company understood this need and made this option available. Students use it more often than other types of students as they don’t like to pay too much attention to introducing different card numbers and CVC codes to finalize payment.

Besides, payments on can be finalized via card. The customers can finalize their orders by paying with AMEX, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover, and VISA cards. As the list of accepted cards is diverse, a client may find a method that works with his/her preferences.

Refund and Revision Policies

GrabMyEssay developed professional terms and conditions for different situations. The clients can ask for refunds or free revisions under certain circumstances. These policies are more than a method to protect the clients. It also sets clear rules for writers and shows them that their efforts are rewarded.

Refund Policy

The refund policy sets the ground for money back in the following circumstances:

  • Full amount is returned when the client wants to cancel the order as the vendor didn’t find a writer to start working on his/her order.
  • Maximum of 70% is refunded if the vendor finds the right writer to do the paper but the client still wants to revoke the order.
  • Maximum 50% is awarded when the writer has already done half of the paper and the client suddenly decides to call off the order.

Late delivery can also be subject to refunds. However, the customer support staff needs to understand what happened with the writer and what caused the delay. If a writer works on a paper that has a deadline of more than 14 days and fails to deliver it on time, then the client will receive 7% of the money paid back. On the other hand, the writer won’t be considered responsible for the delay in the following situations:

  • The writer couldn’t continue his/her work because he/she had unexpected technical issues.
  • The customer didn’t reply to the writer’s request for additional information or failed to pay the order on time.


A customer receives free revisions if he/she sends the request in the first 14 days from the receipt date. It may happen that the writer did some mistakes or didn’t follow the client’s requirements. In case the client identifies such situations, he/she will receive free revisions. However, in case the customer changes the instructions, then he/she should understand that GrabMyEssay will ask for additional fees.

Should You Trust This Site? is a legit website. It includes clear information and has a professional structure and appearance. In our opinion, this website was built by a talented web developer. It is obvious that the company invested a generous amount of money in developing this site. Also, it offers secure payment methods that make the clients trust GrabMyEssay services.


We identified the following pros in our GrabMyEssay review:

  • Budget-friendly fees
  • Volume lifetime discounts
  • Secure payment methods
  • Samples
  • Comprehensive policies
  • Rigorous writer selection process
  • PayPal is an available payment method


In our opinion, GrabMyEssay should do everything they can to improve the following aspects in the way they deliver their services:

  • Additional and verified information about the company’s founder
  • Attractive referral or affiliate program

To Conclude

We consider that clients should trust GrabMyEssay as a legit writing company. We found affordable prices that are considerably reduced by generous discounts. Also, the customer support staff is well-trained and permanently available to come with advice and personalized services. Another positive characteristic that we found is the comprehensive policies. Clients know when and how to ask for refunds or free revisions. Secure payment methods determine another essential aspect. Clients should feel their personal details and accounts are not exposed. All these being considered, we recommend GrabMyEssay as a reliable writing service provider.