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  • Interface 9.6/5
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Site`s Overview

One of the biggest advantages that made us write ExpertPaperHelp review and recommend their services is that they are budget conscious. The company knows that students are a special category. They are aware that their budgets are limited while their needs are countless. Therefore, the company has some of the friendliest fees on the market right now.

Our independent review of ExpertPaperHelp services includes information from different sources. We didn’t stop analyzing their website. Even though is user-friendly and contains clear information, we decided to dig for more details. Thus, we read different blogs. Also, we read customer feedback from different forums. We were surprised that the opinion is mainly positive. This means that the vendor is reliable, and we should trust them as well.

When we entered the site, we wanted to see who the owner was. We found out that it is a company based in Cyprus, called R.P. WritingSmart Technologies LTD. Even though the owner doesn’t have a private website, we found many details that made us trust them. First, we liked that we found different policies. They contain clear guidelines that protect both the client and the company. Also, we contacted their Support Team and asked them some details on the ordering process. The staff was friendly and offered us helpful information.

We consider that ExpertPaperHelp should be trusted by students. They can order any type of essays on different levels. Also, we liked that they target business entrepreneurs. They collaborate with writers who are proficient in delivering business content. These being said, we consider ExpertPaperHelp is a top writing service company.

Pricing System

As we already mentioned, ExpertPaperHelp targets students. The company’s management knows that they usually receive money from their parents. Therefore, it becomes difficult for them to split the budget and have enough money to pay for an essay. This made ExpertPaperHelp review its price policy heavily and offer prices that are in the market’s range.

When we accessed the website, we immediately discovered the price calculator. We consider that this is a sign of transparency. Clients will know from the very beginning how much they have to pay for an essay. We also did a simulation. We wanted to see how much we would pay for 1 page of a high school essay. The calculator returns different prices depending on the deadline we prefer.

For example, if we chose to receive the paper in 2 weeks, we would pay around $13 for one page. The price goes higher when the deadline is tighter. This is one of the criteria that influences the final price. Also, the price might differ if the academic level is more complicated. The number of pages might also influence the final quotation. However, a large order can also trigger some discounts.

Speaking about price reductions, newcomers receive a 15% discount instantly. Existing clients can also benefit from discounts as long as they follow their website and discover the promo codes. Large orders also bring some extra bonuses. For example, a client who orders an essay of 15 pages will pay with 5% less than the price calculated online. A 10% discount will be applied for a paper of 50 pages. When customers need more than 100 pages written by ExpertPaperHelp writers, then the discount goes to 15%.

When we entered the company’s site, we also found that the vendor is developing an interesting promotion. It offers clients some free services. For instance, customers will receive the plagiarism report, bibliography, title page, formatting, and unlimited annotations without paying anything in addition.

We were happy to find that clients enjoy these generous offers. After reading the testimonials available online, we found out that the friendly prices are not a sign of low quality. On the contrary, ExpertPaperHelp has high standards. Its writers manage to deliver flawless papers according to the deadline.

Types of Services

ExpertPaperHelp is popular not only for its affordable prices but also for its large portfolio of services. Their target is to create long-term relationships with clients. Therefore, they manage to offer services that will help a student from high school to doctorate. ExpertPaperHelp clients can order essays for high school, college, master, and doctorate. Each type of content is delivered by English native professional writers.

The list of services also includes formatting, editing, and proofreading services. Therefore, students can be sure that their essays are 100% correct, and they will get a good grade in the class. ExpertPaperHelp writers can also help with admission letters or prepare resumes. When it comes to the business audience, the writers can produce business content, write comprehensive business proposals, and help with copywriting.

We also did a test and ordered a paper directly on We received the quality we expected. The paper was well-researched. Also, the writer followed our guidelines and requirements. We even went with the paper to a professor whose feedback was very good. This feedback made us trust ExpertPaperHelp services and recommend them to students and business owners alike.

Payment Options

One of the things that make customers stop before they finalize the order is the company’s available payment methods. A client will trust the company more if it uses verifiable payment options. ExpertPaperHelp makes no exception to this rule. Their first option presented on is PayPal. Everyone knows that students love PayPal for being easy to use and extremely safe. So, we consider that this is a positive feature that recommends the vendor. Apart from PayPal, clients can pay using their cards. MasterCard, American Express, VISA, and Discover cards are accepted. If none of these options is suitable for the client, he/she can also pay using WireTransfer.


Before paying an order, any client should carefully read the company’s terms and conditions. On, we found comprehensive policies and guarantees. They help the client understand when to ask for a refund or who to contact in case the deadline was overpassed.

Deadline Disclaimer

Respecting the deadline communicated by the client is essential. Even though they might have a safety net, customers need to receive the paper at the date agreed with the writer. However, in case the deadline is not respected, it might not be the writer’s fault. The client can influence the deadline through the following actions:

  • ExpertPaperHelp sends a verification email before assigning the paper to a writer. If the client doesn’t open the email and follow the steps, the order won’t be assigned.
  • In some cases, the writer might ask for additional information during the writing process. If he/she doesn’t receive an answer in due time, the deadline will be automatically extended.
  • In case the client adds different requirements than what was agreed in the beginning, the writer has the right to change the delivery date.

Privacy Policy

Customer information is confidential on The staff working for the company and the writers are not allowed to share any client information with third parties. When they enter on the vendor’s website, clients will be asked to reveal the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Contact number and email
  • Other details that are important for the vendor to customize the order

Refund Policy

In case something goes wrong, customers are protected by money back guarantee policy. The entire or partial amount is refunded under the following conditions:

  • Clients can receive a full refund in case the vendor didn’t assign the paper to any writer
  • 70% of the amount will be refunded in case the client cancels the order after a writer was already assigned to write the paper
  • Clients can receive half of what they paid if they cancel the order in the middle of the agreed deadline period.
  • Refunds are awarded in case the writer fails to deliver the paper on time. As such situations have different causes behind, the Support Team will handle such cases.

Is Site Legit?

We checked all pages of One of the most important characteristics that made us trust the website is its professional look. We didn’t have any difficulties in navigating it and identifying the information we needed. The price calculator worked very well, and the webpages didn’t block. Also, it includes samples on different topics. We could read about customer feedback and found the support team very professional.


We consider ExpertPaperHelp a top writing company for the following reasons:

  • Content is delivered by English native writers
  • Friendly prices that are in line with the market’s average
  • Reliable and easy to navigate website
  • Professional support team
  • Clear guidelines for refunds, confidentiality, deadlines, and, privacy
  • Safe payment methods


It was difficult to find any flaws in the ExpertPaperHelp way of working. However, we identified the following cons:

  • Not too much information is available about the company’s owner
  • The list of writing services for business should be detailed more

To Sum Up

We consider that ExpertPaperHelp is a reliable writing company. Both students and business owners should trust the vendor for flawless content. Based on the testimonials and reviews discovered on different sources, the writers have high standards. Our test also showed that the writers are doing an excellent job and treat each order with responsibility. The prices are budget conscious, as well. Thus, we highly recommend the company for professional writing services.