EssaysDeluxe Review: Quality Writing or Big Risk?

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Site’s Overview

EssaysDeluxe is one of dozens of online writing services. So, how do they stand up to the competition? Is this a site you can trust? In this EssaysDeluxe review, we’ve worked hard to provide you with answers to the following questions:

  • Does the quality of writing and other services meet the highest standards?
  • Are prices reasonable?
  • Do they offer services students can use?
  • Any special deals or discounts?
  • Does EssaysDeluxe keep their promises?
  • How easy and safe is it to make payment or share needed information?

Now, we are confident we have the answers for you. To get the info you need, we took a detailed series of steps to conduct adequate research. For this review we:

  • Took a look around the website.
  • Received and reviewed an academic paper.
  • Interacted with customer support.
  • Ready policy pages.
  • Researched the company online.
  • Read other consumer reviews.
  • Conducted price comparisons.
  • Completed the process to submit an order.

Is EssaysDeluxe a site you should consider? Keep reading to learn more!

Pricing System

EssaysDeluxe uses one of the most popular pricing systems in the academic writing industry. Orders for services including writing, editing, proofreading, and rewriting are charged per page. However, it is important to note that the price per page can fluctuate. This will depend on academic grade level, the services that are priced this way are academic writing, editing/proofreading/rewriting, admissions, and copywriting.

Some services cannot be priced this way. However, customers can still check the pricing table at to get a snapshot of the price they can expect to pay. Here are some details about those prices. Resume and CV services are paid for each document. This includes resumes, CV, cover letters, follow up litters, LinkedIn profiles, and more. There are also package deals available. When students order problem solving services, they can expect to pay for each problem solved. Multiple choice orders are charged per test or assignment.

So, what happens when a customer has some special requests? EssaysDeluxe does have quite a few extras that customers may select in addition to standard services. They can order a top 10 or premium level writer, originality report, editor check, one-page summary, advanced customer service, or premium customer service. However, EssaysDeluxe does charge a premium for these.

Finally, we found some great discounts on the website. Customers can save quite a bit of money when they place their first order. They can also save money for being loyal customers, placing large orders, or simply taking advantage of a special discount or holiday event.

Types of Services

EssaysDeluxe service offers a wide variety of writing and related services. The majority of these are within the category of academic writing. These are content writing services that they offer to students from high school thru graduate school. While it would be impossible to post an exhaustive list, we’ll categorize these, and give a few examples from within each category. Academic Writing

This is undoubtedly the most used service offering at EssaysDeluxe. This includes:

  • Essays
  • Research Papers
  • Case Study
  • Book Reports
  • Lab Reports
  • Articles
  • Book Reviews
  • Action Papers

Essentially, if you are a student who needs an original paper, you would select this service category.

Admissions Writing

When students need assistance with admission into a university or graduate program, they should look into admissions writing services. Here, writers can assist with scholarship essays, admissions essays, and personal statements.

Problem Solving

When students study advanced topics, especially in the areas of mathematics, physics, or economics, they are often faced with resolved advanced equations. In some instances, making a seemingly small miscalculation can throw everything off. Imagine an entire work of research being rejected because you didn’t solve one equation properly. This is why some students use problem solving services. These are also offered at EssaysDeluxe.

Multiple Choice Questions

Academic specialists can work with students to view and complete multiple choice questions. These can be done for homework assignments, tests, or quizzes.

Dissertation Services

Thesis and dissertation projects are used to determine that Masters and PhD students are truly experts in their fields. These are long-term complex programs, and are completed in multiple parts. Students can order assistance for one or all of these parts.

Essays Deluxe Job Seeker Services

This service category encompasses resumes, CV, cover letters, LinkedIN profiles, etc.


The final services are for business professionals. These are article writing, blog posts, product reviews, product descriptions, website reviews, etc.

Payment Options

Our criteria for this category are that the company must offer multiple options, and that payment processing must be secure. Here, students may pay using PayPal, a debit or credit card, or use wire transfer. We think these options are satisfactory, but would prefer one or two more choices. As we navigated the, it appeared to us that payment processing is done using industry standard SSL security. During our research, we did not encounter any students who had issues making payment, or who had any concerns about it. The company appears to handle payments appropriately, and the rare billing issue is handled promptly and effectively.


When students use a site like EssaysDeluxe, they may have a few concerns. They want assurance that:

  • They will receive an original paper, not one that has been resold to other students.
  • Their paper will be delivered on time.
  • Any billing or payment discrepancies will be refunded.
  • Their personal and financial information will be safe.
  • Their paper will meet quality standards, and be written according to the instructions they provided.
  • They will be able to understand all policies and procedures that apply to them.

In order to investigate this, we read online reviews, researched the company, and read the policy pages published on Here are the results.

We researched EssaysDeluxe online and read customer reviews. The majority of customer sentiment is that the company provides good writing products, charges fair prices, and treats customers well. As expected, we did encounter a few customer testimonials that described some minor problems. These appear to have mostly been settled in a satisfactory manner. Of course, there were a minute number of negative reviews. However, that is going to be the case with any business.

Every guarantee at EssaysDeluxe is detailed in their policy documents. We read through these, and found that they have fairly standard policies. All work is guaranteed to be completely original. They will provide refunds if orders are cancelled before work is finished, and if there are billing errors. Customers may also request refunds if their paper isn’t delivered on time. Finally, the company offers free revisions if the writer fails to follow the customer’s instructions.

Is EssaysDeluxe Legit?

Yes, EssaysDeluxe is legit. First, it meets the basic requirements of being a registered business, delivering products as ordered, and having a good reputation among its customers. In addition to this, they have also managed to reach a higher standard. They appear to be focused on customer satisfaction, have competitive pricing, and policies that treat consumers fairly. They back their guarantees, and provide attentive customer service. Because of this, we categorize this online content provider as both a legitimate, and a trustworthy service.


It is probably clear that we found multiple, positive attributes about EssaysDeluxe. Here, we will list some of the most significant:

  • Writing is very well done, original, and at the appropriate academic level.
  • There is a wide range of services offered.
  • Customer support is responsive.
  • Prices are within industry norms, and made more attractive with discount programs.


It’s our responsibility to inform customers of any negative attributes we find as well. While we couldn’t find any real issues, we do have a few minor suggestions for improvement. The first is that the site is easy to navigate, but fairly basic. Some videos and other content would be great. The other point we’d make is that a site like would be nearly flawless if they would accept some alternative forms of payment.

To Sum Up

Our final thoughts on EssaysDeluxe are as follows:

The company has developed a good reputation among students, and our investigation shows that this is well-deserved. Our experience with this company reflects that positive experience as well. Overall, the writing and customer support exceed expectations. In addition to this, the prices are competitive, and there are excellent discounts. Policies are fair and easy to understand. It is for these reasons that we rank this one of our top writing services. Students should definitely consider using this service should they need writing assistance or other academic help.