EssayPro Review: Detailed Information about Best Offers, Pricing System, and Guarantees of the Company

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Site Overview

EssayPro is an online company that handles academic tasks and assignments on behalf of learners in different institutions, pursuing different courses. This company handles tasks of various complexity and targets those students undertaking high school, college, undergraduate, Master’s, as well as Ph.D. studies.

EssayPro works in the following way. Customers provide the company with requirements of their task. Then, the company selects a well-suited expert and executes the job in question.

There is a wide range of services here covering different academic disciplines. On its website, lists key pillars that characterize its operations: fast execution of assignments, proper communication, original turnarounds, and modest prices.

This agency also has properly organized information regarding its operations on the site, making access to information easy and quick. There are writers from different backgrounds – all of which contribute to the versatility of this service in general.

Pricing System

When it comes to the pricing of services, there is a price calculator on the website of EssayPro. It shows how learners pay for the help they get here. The price calculator computes the cost of a particular task based on the instructions of the assignment.

However, on this calculator, there are a lot of parameters that depend on the requirements to the task. The variation of these parameters leads to the changes in the prices – and the changes could either be increases in prices or decreases as well.

Broadly, there are three categories of services on EssayPro that help to determine the pricing of academic help on this platform. These categories include writing, rewriting, and editing. However, under these categories, another critical aspect determines the price of the product, which is the type of task.

For example, writing an essay that is one page long with 275 words within two weeks will cost $10.8. Rewriting costs $7.56, and editing requires $5.4 for the same task. For a different job, say, for instance, a presentation or a speech, length, and the number of words kept constant, there will be variations in pricing.

For the same requirements, the price will be $13.5 for writing, $9.45 for rewriting, and $6.75 for editing. This shows that the type of task also greatly influences the cost of the offering. The time-frame for handling the work in question even matters a great deal as far as the pricing goes.

An essay that is 1 page long and has 275 words required in a 1-day time-frame will cost $16.88 for writing, $11.82 for rewriting, and $8.44 for editing. This shows that the deadline greatly matters as far as pricing goes on

Types of Services

EssayPro offers a wide variety of services across a broad range of academic areas. There are three vast areas where this company extends educational assistance. They include paperwork, course work or homework, and other assignments.

Under the paperwork section, there are tons of offerings that you can get from this company, including essays and their derivatives, case studies, reports, research papers, literature reviews, business plans, reflective writing, term papers, theses, or dissertations, and research proposals.

These offerings point to an academic leaning in services provided by However, there is also help specifically for businesses, organizations, and clients well outside the education field. This includes help with business plans – which is a crucial offering for business people.

There are other services on offer, including presentations or speeches, annotated bibliographies, article reviews, book and movie reviews, creative writing, and critical thinking.

Under the course work or homework section, there is also an array of help on offer, including assistance with assignments in different areas. These include Statistics, Physics, Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Maths, and Geography.

Other areas or assignments that you can get help with from EssayPro include multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, and word problems. These types of jobs and those under the homework category are specifically for those individuals who study at high school.

There are other services, including editing and proofreading, also on offer at EssayPro. These services mostly involve the refinement, correction, and enhancement of already-written content to ensure conformance to instructions or guidelines.

These offerings are vast. This is an advantage of working with EssayPro as it shows that you can quickly get the assistance that you need regardless of the expectations, area of focus, the institution of learning, or level of education.

Payment Options

The rules at require that learners pay money for their tasks to get processed. Payments help to compensate for the efforts of those involved in the entire writing process. However, it is impossible to make these payments in the absence of payment options to use.

These options are significant not only to the learners who might want to effect payment of their services but also to EssayPro, which might have to process approved refunds to students if requirements went unfulfilled.

For this reason, EssayPro offers various options that learners can use to facilitate their payments, including American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. These options are diverse, thus allowing clients to make choices when effecting their payments.


Money-Back Guarantees

Since EssayPro is a leading company, it has proper measures to ensure learners’ compensation whenever something does not go according to student orders. When no writer can work on your task and your order is pending, and you choose to cancel it, you will be eligible for a full refund.

When a writer has started to handle your job, and you cancel the order, you will be eligible for a refund, albeit a decreased one, from 100% to 70%. This reduction sees the writer’s compensation for their willingness and efforts thus far to tackle the assignment.

Late deliveries will see compensate for an amount that is equivalent to the delay. Worth noting is that there could be a whole array of reasons explaining the lateness in the execution and subsequent delivery of your order. Completing the order well after the deadline will be up to the student to decide whether to accept the work.

If there are disputed claims regarding the turnaround and the learner does not find the work satisfactory, there will be an investigation on the part of the company, which will determine the next course of action as far as the task in question goes.

When there are duplicate orders due to errors, you will be eligible for a complete refund should you ask for it. You can also make arrangements to EssayPro for the funds to get deposited in your account. Claims of plagiarism should have a Turnitin report embedded to back the claims.

Is This Site Legit

This site has a lot of relevant info about its operations and how it handles orders. There are many offerings and capabilities that this company has that other companies cannot boast about.

Most of the company’s operations measure up and check out, which means that EssayPro indeed meets all it says it can work on its website. Customer reviews also attest to the info EssayPro gives, making this enterprise a legitimate writing assistant.


Modest pricing – EssayPro has cheap pricing for its services, and this means that you can get the help you need at lower prices, something that isn’t easy to come by in the industry.

Timely delivery – You can be confident that this company will meet your task’s requirements in time and that orders won’t face any delays.


Inconsistency in delivery – It is not all the time you will get products that are of outstanding quality when working with this company. Most of the time, however, they execute well.

Unreliable customer support – The customer support department is not that great, and there is a real chance that you will not get the necessary communication assistance when you need it.


According to customer reviews, testimonials, and feedback, EssayPro does an excellent job handling customer orders, and this shows that this service is leading in this area. Further, this overview gives a lot of details on how it works clientele orders, which helps ease the process of clients getting the necessary assistance.

The info on this site is well-organized and arranged, and is accurate and legit. Therefore, as this EssayPro review shows, this makes this writing agency a company that you can cooperate with as far as handling customer tasks goes. With a wide range of services on offer, substantial experience in the field, and an excellent team of experts, you can bank on this company to get the job done and well according to your requirements.