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Edudemius Overview

Edudemius is an online essay writing service that assists students with their academic assignments and papers. They declare on their website that with a team of 301 writers, they have managed to deliver up to 5,000 deliveries. Therefore, delivery rates are reasonable. has been in the niche for quite some time and, therefore, has acquired quite some experience in the world of academic writing. According to Edudemius, their solid pillars include absolute privacy, timely turnarounds, and quality revisions for clients seeking corrections on papers by this provider. Having set high standards, they definitely meet the market threshold and customer needs.

With the diversified services offered, Edudemius review confirms their use of the massive writer’s base.

With a user-friendly website, clients can easily access information needed to make up their minds on whether to opt-in for their services or out. This also dramatically improves the levels of interaction between the client and customer; thus, the improved quality of work churned out.

Pricing System

The pricing levels at Edudemius are primarily affected by the various levels in academia, which are a high school, college, university, master’s degree, and Ph.D.

They have a price calculator that computes the prices based on the order specifics and unique specifics.

Prices of papers vary depending on various variables. Amongst those are: the type of paper, the academic level of the task as indicated by the client, the time frame, and the number of required pages. Note that the prices depending on the number of pages vary as well depending on the task’s academic level.

The pricing of papers on the same academic levels is consistent, and changes only occur when there are twitches made to the deadlines. offers clients various time frames in which work is handled. These timelines start from 3 hours and run up to 14 days. The nature of the task to be handled also presents a variation on the pricing. Charges for editing and proofreading are different from other fees, and this starts from $6 per page for editing and $5 per page for proofreading. The nature of the assignment plays a big part in price determination at Edudemius. Take, for example, a high school essay would cost $10 if it’s within a 14-day time frame.

 Types of Services

Edudemius offers a wide variety of writing services to its clients. On, a client may find lab reports, essays, article reviews, business plans, coursework, case studies, and article reviews. The scope of their work is quite broad and diversified.

Levels of difficulty and technicality of papers also bring about variation in the services offered. Edudemius has experts with the different levels of expertise who handle these papers to churn out the desired results.

Other than that, Edudemius offers services in multiple-choice questions and problem solving as well as paraphrasing. They come up with alternative ways of eliciting your content with great conciseness. This can be mistaken for a complete rewriting, but there is a clear line between the two.

Edudemius also offers services like editing, proofreading, and paraphrasing. They understand that write-ups commonly feature a number of errors of different kinds like grammatical errors, spelling errors, punctuation mistakes, inconsistent flow, and weak sentence structures. is equipped with expert editors who will comb through your article, polish, and fine-tune it. Your article is guaranteed the kind of attention it needs.

Edudemius also has problem-solving at its core. They tackle technical papers like Math, scientific fields, and any other specialized fields like Physics.

Clients are treated with the option of having to order custom papers with unique requirements. These orders are mostly tough and challenging to handle by most of the students hence the need for help. Topical papers that require expert and custom handling are treated with the importance they need.

Payment Options

Seamless transactions between the clientele and an entity encourage fast and convenient payment and deliveries. employs the use of an assorted array of payment options to ensure this happens. This improves interaction levels.

With confidentiality at the core of its operations, Edudemius ensures that its supported payment methods guarantee the writers’ compensation and services to the students.

The payment options supported by Edudemius are MasterCard and Visa, and clients can use these platforms to make transactions whenever they are placing orders. This guarantees the privacy and security of customers’ personal information.


Money-Back Guarantee

Client eligibility to refunds depends on a varied number of reasons: double payment cases, unmet requirements, missed timelines, misinterpreted instructions, poor quality of order, poorly handled revisions and reviews, client’s displeasure with the work and cases of plagiarism.

However, there are instances when refunds are not possible. Like in cases of violation of terms of services of the entity by the client, when a client requests for additional services or when the revision window elapses and a client requests for a revision. Terms of service are strictly adhered to by the entity.

Edudemius does not offer any refunds when it comes to matters concerning multiple-choice questions and problem-solving papers. In cases where there are open disputes within the entity’s system, then no guarantee is in place.

Is It a Legit Service?

The customer feedback on its website sparks a motion of confidence on this entity. This, therefore, clearly points out to the customers’ satisfaction with the services of the entity. User-generated feedback never lies, and sure the input on this company’s website is majorly positive feedback with excellent testimonials from clients.

The elaborate nature of the services offered, as seen on their website, reveals the quality and character of services they offer. Having been in the industry for quite some time, its statistics support its legitimacy. This writing service is, therefore, a quality, reliable, and legitimate entity with the capability to handle your assignment despite its magnitude or complexity of its requirements.

Edudemius is, therefore, legit and trustworthy writing service in this industry.


Affordable prices – the service fees charged by this entity are standard and commensurate the services offered.

Professionalism – with the massive army of expert writers with impeccable academic qualifications, the service expertly handles tasks handed over by clients.

Punctuality – deliveries are made on time; therefore meaning clients are able to submit their work in time hence customer satisfaction.


Weak online presence – this service does not have a significant online presence. This reduces its visibility status amongst other major entities.

Limited payment options – since only MasterCard and Visa are supported by this entity; other brands use more flexible payment options. This may turn down interested clients with other payment options like eWallets and Splitit.


Edudemius proves itself as a major player in this field as not many writing services can match up to the quality of services and standards they have since set. Their pricing ranges are also favourable to most students, therefore offering high-quality services at relatively low prices. Here you get high-quality work at economical prices. With their large number of writers, their human resource is unbeatable and impressive. These writers’ academic credentials are reputable hence the guaranteed quality of orders and all services rendered to clients. This entity has the clients’ interests at heart. If you want the value for your money, then Edudemius is the service just for you. We highly recommend this service – chances are high you will be satisfied with their work.