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It’s safe to say that today’s students do not have it easy. Both high school and university curriculums are more demanding than they were 10 or 20 years ago. The pressure is on – and it’s on all the time. From assignments and projects to finals and term papers, it’s practically impossible not to feel stressed as a student.

However, there are things that you can do to manage these pressures and obligations. Most successful students resort to ordering papers online and outsourcing academic work. In Canada, one of the most popular choices to do this is CanadianWritings.com – a website that offers essay writing, paper writing, and much more.

CanadianWritings has been on our to-review list for some time now. We have already received several requests from students asking us to review this Canadian writing site. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what’s good and what’s not-so-good about CanadianWritings!

Pricing System

Let’s start with the good stuff: their prices and the way they present them. To start with, we should mention that you should always be careful about prices when you’re checking out writing websites. Many of them have a tendency to add hidden fees after you submit your order. You might get an initial quote, but they will make stuff up to make you pay more as time goes on.

With CanadianWritings, this is not the case. You will know the exact price you can expect for the type of work you need done. They have managed to do this without overburdening their Sales department by introducing a pricing calculator (you can find this on their homepage or visit the Pricing section to find out in detail about how they form their prices). You input the following to get your quote:

  • type of service and type of writing (you need to select whether you need writing from scratch or, e.g., editing, proofreading, rewriting, etc. Then, you should select the exact type of writing you need: essay, paper, research paper, term paper… More on different types of services in the next section)
  • level of education you are in (you need to select whether you are in high school, college (in that case, in which year), or doctorate studies. The CanadianWritings writers use this info to determine the level of complexity and argumentation style for your text)
  • the volume of work you need (the writing on CanadianWritings.com can be calculated in pages or number of words (in blocks of 275 words). You can also check out high-volume order discounts if you’re ordering more than 10 pages)
  • how urgently you need the paper (you can select anywhere from 6 hours to 14 days; but, the sooner you order, the more affordable the work will be)

Types of Services

Let’s take a look at what any student can order from CanadianWritings.com. For starters, they made sure that all disciplines and fields are covered: no matter what your major is, you won’t be overlooked. If you’re wondering how their writing style looks like in a particular field, you can check out the Samples page.

CanadianWritings generally writes the following:

  • essays and research papers – this is the most frequent order on the CanadianWritings website, so they have found experts in this type of writing to cover any possible needs of students. Even though these two types of writing are somewhat different, they are similar in price.
  • proofreading – what if you already have a finished assignment, and you want to make sure that it’s pristine in grammar and spelling? This is the service you choose. CanadianWritings writing experts are experienced in linguistics and stylistics.
  • Math/Science problems – just remember how many times you found yourself stuck on a difficult math problem. CanadianWritings STEM experts can solve these problems for you, regardless of your education level!
  • rewriting and editing – these are additional writing sub-services you can use to get your essay from ‘meh’ to perfect. CanadianWritings is extremely proud of its highly-trained writers and editors. Use their expertise to improve your academic performance.
  • dissertation services – for students who are going after a doctorate, this is the service you can use to find experts who can take on some of your dissertation work. It’s obvious that your dissertation is important to you, so their writers handle it with extreme care.

Payment Options

If you are a Canadian student and you’re browsing through writing websites, you have to check whether they support the Canadian dollar (CAD) as a currency. If not, it can end up in you having to pay more than what they are initially asking for. This is because companies that have the US dollar or the Euro as their primary currency will charge a currency conversion fee to cover their costs.

At CanadianWritings, you do not have to worry about that. Since it’s a Canadian website, you can easily and safely pay with CAD. Pay using the following methods:

  • Wire transfer (a transfer from one bank account to another)
  • VISA
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • American Express


Every time you work with a writing website for the first time, you should check what it guarantees to its customers. CanadianWritings offers plenty of guarantees and promises that help build trust and promote successful relationships with their customers.

  • CanadianWritings guarantees that all writing will be 100% original – as academic writing experts, they know very well how important it is to maintain originality and avoid plagiarism. When a writer is done with your order, you can ask for a plagiarism report to make sure it’s all unique. All ideas and concepts taken from scientific literature will be correctly cited and listed.
  • CanadianWritings.com guarantees privacy and anonymity – next to originality, it’s obviously important that no one finds out you outsourced an academic paper. That is why CanadianWritings guarantees 100% confidentiality. When they finish your paper, it’s fully in your property, and it’s like you authored it yourself.
  • CanadianWritings guarantees customer satisfaction – through multiple customer success programs, CanadianWritings.com guarantees that you will walk away happy and come back with your next assignment in the future. They ensure this through money back guarantees, full and partial refunds, and an unlimited revision policy.

Is Site Legit?

Yes, you can safely order papers and other types of academic writing from CanadianWritings. We have made several test orders to ensure that the site is professional and credible, and we were thrilled by their speed and quality. The customer service team is always there to help you every step of the way.


  • a variety of services, topics, and fields covered
  • plenty of discounts and special offers
  • guarantees and amendments


  • a smaller pool of writers than on some other websites
  • targeted at Canadian students specifically

To Sum Up

Overall, we really liked this website. We were especially thrilled by their customer support team, who reaches out to you as soon as you enter their website. While working on CanadianWritings review, we have used this opportunity to ask some questions about the company and the ordering process. Even though we asked a lot, the customer service rep was outgoing, friendly, and helpful.

The best thing you can do is trust other people’s reviews instead of what the website is saying about itself. In this case, students are thrilled with the way they work, and you can be, too! The ordering process is easy and straightforward, and someone can start working on your paper in a matter of minutes.