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Why do students choose to spend their money on professional writing services? Their reasons are diverse but justified. Some of them already have a job and want to focus more on work instead of losing nights writing essays for college. Others don’t like all subjects taught in class. Thus, they prefer to focus their attention and efforts on writing content on the topics they are really interested in. In general, most students don’t have enough time to deliver all assignments. So, they prefer to work with professional writers who can secure good grades in class.

BestEssaysEducation is a popular company that satisfies its clients with quality and well-researched content. In this BestEssaysEducation review, we will tell you how the price is calculated and how you can benefit from attractive discounts. Also, we extracted from the most essential information on revisions and refunds policies. Therefore, we can help you understand how and when to ask for your money back and receive free reviews. Keep reading the paragraphs below and find more about how BestEssaysEducation works!

Pricing Matrix

BestEssaysEducation has no hidden fees. All amounts are calculated with a price calculator based on some basic parameters. The client has to select the academic level, number of pages, and urgency. The more difficult and urgent a paper is, the higher the price will be. In our review, we checked how much we would pay for a high school essay. This is the basic and popular type of content that students usually order.

The calculator showed us that we would have to pay $12.99/page. This price is valid for a deadline of 14 days. For instance, if the deadline would be of 7 days, then the price becomes $16.55. The writers working for BestEssaysEducation can deliver an essay in a minimum of 3 hours. Of course, such a short deadline can be met only for short essays and with low difficulty.

The final quotation includes more than content writing. Clients will also receive a plagiarism report, formatting services, bibliography, unlimited amendments, outline, and title page without other extra costs. The price for these services is $85. On, customers receive these services for free.

The discounts are another interesting topic that should be mentioned in this review. We will start with the price reduction available for first-time orders. Clients get 15% off the final quotation if they use the discount code BEST15OFF.

BestEssaysEducation doesn’t forget about returning clients and offers them some discounts that they cannot refuse. Their most important characteristic is that they are permanent. The percentage is determined based on the total amount spent on So, customers can get a 5% discount for cumulative orders of $399. If the total amount goes to $599, then the price reduction reaches the level of 10%. Finally, the highest permanent discount will be 15% if the customer has spent a minimum of $799 on

List of Services

BestEssaysEducation has a wide list of services that target different categories of audiences. This is a clear sign showing that the vendor wants to keep its clients satisfied and offer them alternatives that meet their needs. The biggest categories of clients that order writing services from BestEssaysEducation are students, young professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Students usually order academic writing services. BestEssaysEducation makes sure to collaborate with skilled writers who can deliver content on any type of difficulty level. They can write essays for high school, college, bachelor, master, and doctorate. Also, students can order admission and thesis writing services. Proofreading, editing, or formatting are other additional services that students prefer to order from

Young professionals work with the writers from BestEssaysEducation for their expertise in HR and the ability to personalize resumes. The vendor works with talented writers who can edit the LinkedIn account to make it appealing for recruiters, as well as prepare a convincing cover letter and smart resume. For a young professional, the resume is his/her visit card. Thus, by paying for CV writing services, he/she will make one of the best investments for his/her professional future.

Entrepreneurs will find BestEssaysEducation services useful to improve their visibility. They can order copywriting services and send clear messages to their clients. The vendor delivers web content, press release, news releases, blog posts, or articles written on different topics. So, business owners can create a win-win collaboration with BestEssaysEducation.

Payment Methods

BestEssaysEducation secures all payments using different instruments. As students represent the main target audience, the vendor makes sure to offer easy-to-use and smart methods to finalize their payments. So, PayPal is the best alternative they can use to pay for the ordered services. In case clients don’t have a PayPal account, they can also pay with debit or credit cards. Therefore, BestEssaysEducation accepts payments via Discover, Amex, Maestro, MasterCard, or Visa cards.

Available Guarantees

BestEssaysEducation convinced us to recommend it with its clear terms and conditions. We found comprehensive rules when it comes to refunds and revisions. Therefore, you will find in the following paragraphs the most important details you should pay attention to.

Money-Back Guarantee

The writers working for BestEssaysEducation do their best to meet the customers’ expectations. However, no one can stop a client to cancel an order and ask for a refund. The customer support staff will analyze each request and decide what’s the amount that should be returned. Therefore, the company will give all money back if the client cancels the order before the company assigns any writer.

Only 70% of the amount will be refunded if the cancellation request comes after a writer was appointed to do the paper. Maximum 50% of what the customer paid will be refunded if the annulment comes in the middle of the deadline period.

In case the writer misses the deadline, the client is entitled to ask for a refund. The amount paid by the customer includes not only the content writing service but also the deadline. So, if the deadline is not respected, the client can receive part of the money back. For example, for long-term orders, the maximum amount that can be returned is 7%. Refunds are allowed only when the writer was responsible for causing the delay. In case he/she had technical difficulties or the client delayed in replying to the request for additional details, the writer won’t be considered responsible for missing the deadline. So, no refunds will be allocated.

Revision Policy

Revision requests are handled using the “feedback” form. The client can check the content during the first 14 days since he/she received the paper from the writer. If he/she discovers that the paper was plagiarized or it has fundamental errors, then the customer is entitled to ask for free amendments. The revision will be done without extra costs if the customer keeps the same instructions when he/she sends the request. On the other hand, extra fees will be applied if the customer changes the instructions or doesn’t comply with the 14-day period.

Is the Site Legit? is definitely a legit site. Why do we think so? The site is professionally-built and it includes all elements that expert writing companies feature on their presentation site. We found clear information and comprehensive policies carefully described. Also, users can easily navigate from one page to another. In addition, payments can be done using safe tools. So, it is clear that BestEssaysEducation used a professional team of web developers who took care to include safety features and provide a pleasant user experience to anyone who enters on


In our opinion, BestEssaysEducation manages to stay competitive because:

  • Permanent availability of the support team
  • Budget-friendly fees
  • Attractive discounts
  • Well-structured policies for revisions and refunds
  • Talented writers
  • Various services
  • Secure payment methods


BestEssaysEducation should put more efforts to improve the following flaws:

  • Stop charging money for the advanced originality report
  • Develop an affiliate or referral discount program


Our conclusion is that BestEssaysEducation succeeds in delivering constant quality in its content. The company works with skilled writers who have a solid portfolio of papers on different topics. These collaborations helped BestEssaysEducation to develop a list of diverse services that match the clients’ preferences. Also, all services have affordable prices. The discounts make the fees more attractive. Finally, customers can pay for services using secure payment methods.