Frequently Asked Questions

As we help students find great writing providers, we receive lots of great questions. Check out the most frequently asked questions we’ve answered so far.


We don’t! All students are invited to read and learn about the various services that we review. This website was created with a passion for giving students information and protecting them from scams. You’ll never pay a dime for the information we have. All we ask is that you tell your friends about us when they are on the lookout for academic writing help.

The short answer is no. There are differences, and we work to keep you informed. We write reviews to first warn you away from the scams and rip-offs. Next, comes the best part of the work that we do. We identify amazing services that truly work hard for students. It’s our pleasure to recommend these to you. Finally, we’ll tell you about services that fall in the middle. These are the companies that do provide papers as promised but are simply mediocre. We believe a student paying for writing help should only accept the best.

Sorry, but we cannot guarantee that you will earn a good grade when you purchase writing assistance from any company. That’s even true for the sites we endorse. However, we can say that these companies do have a great track record of helping other students with papers that earn excellent marks.

So, why can’t we promise you the same? That’s easy. We just have no way of knowing if you’ve properly interpreted your assignment instructions. We don’t know if your instructor is picky or unreasonable. Also, we can’t control whether you make changes to the document you receive. What we can do is point you towards companies that have excellent reputations.

We really want to educate students about writing services. Part of this is to help you learn how to identify amazing writing providers. This will help you to select the ideal writing service to meet your academic needs. Here’s a brief list of the factors that will earn our recommendation:


  • Excellent writing that requires little to no editing after the fact.
  • Clearly written policies that don’t use obfuscation.
  • A well-designed website.
  • Payment security and respect for customer data.
  • Friendly and accessible customer support agents.
  • Fair prices and attractive discounts.
  • Communicative writers.

Sometimes, it’s obvious right away. When we find that a site has received almost all negative reviews, that’s a good sign there are problems. We also look for outlandish claims. For example, if a company claims it can write an entire dissertation in less than a week, we know they are being dishonest. Other facts that are ‘red flags’ include extremely low prices, outdated website design, lack of payment security, requiring students to pay by Western Union or paper check, or routing students to third party websites.

Of course, everything can appear to be perfectly fine, and things can still go wrong. That’s why we always obtain and review a written work, and why we interact with customer service. Ultimately quality or lack of it is the key factor.

Sometimes we do, but we don’t take that lightly. We work very hard to conduct a proper and fair investigation into each writing service. When we publish a review, we are very confident that we have made the right call. Believe us, we don’t like it when we have to say something negative. What we do like is protecting students from getting ripped off. We won’t be bribed or bullied into changing a review.

That said, if we receive compelling proof that a service has changed, we are happy to review it again. This is true both for companies we have criticized, and those we have praised.

If you notice a mistake or factual error in one of our reviews, please contact us. We strive for 100% accuracy.

College and university students all have different needs and priorities when they look for an online writing service. Because of this, we provide a lot of information packed into each review. We’ll address the following:

  • Pricing structure
  • Services offered
  • Guarantees
  • Whether the company is legitimate or not
  • Pros & cons
  • Final recommendations

Be sure to read closely. We’ll cover discounts as well. Our reviewers also address writing quality, opinions of other customers, website navigation, and other factors. Whether you care most about finding an easy-to-use website or saving as much money as possible, we think you will find something about our reviews that you can use.